Saturday, May 29, 2010

For Rhys on his birthday

Well it's only taken me one whole year to get this piece finished, and just in time for Rhys' 7th birthday. Lucky for me he's still into Scooby Doo and was delighted with it. Pointilism is so time consuming. Tony has framed it using a dark charcoal mat board and simple satin black frame. It looks awesome [thanks Tony!] and I know Rhys will treasure it.

Now the next question is....what to work on next?


  1. That's so fantastic mam!!! You are one clever lady!!! Rhys loves it and I can't wait to put it on our newly renovated wall when we get back from our trip!!! Hopefully you'll be posting more often now!!! :0)

  2. Oh my word!! Your daughter Nicola (my namesake!) gave me your blog link today as we follow each other on Paint Party Friday and I am a massive fan of pointillism (hence my blog title Pointy Pix!) This is stunning! I can't believe the detail in this but can totally relate to how very time consuming stippling ink actually is.

  3. Sooo funny and so well done! I am very impressed!